Preparing  your tourer signifies the end of season, a sad time for most, but ensuring you shut down properly for the Winter could result in a lot less stress at the beginning of the new season ahead!

Empty your caravan – Remove foods, valuables and any electrical items that may not cope well with moisture in the atmosphere, such as Televisions and DVD Players. If you have suitable storage space at home, remove upholstery / seat pads, cushions etc.

Clean your caravan – Defrost your Fridge, Clean the Kitchen, Bathroom  and Fridge with an anti bacterial cleaner to prevent the build up of mould over winter. Leave the Fridge door open.

Your Caravan Toilet – Empty the cassette, clean thoroughly and insert the cassette (empty) leaving the flap in the open position to prevent damage to the rubber seal. Drain down your flush (consult your caravan instructions).

Draining the water System – Disconnect the external pump and filter (if fitted) leave all taps and the shower open.  Open the hot and cold drain valves on your water tank (Consult your caravan instructions) . Once the water system is fully drained, insert plugs into sinks and shower trays to prevent smells. Disconnect the external water waste pipes and insert the caps to the outlets.

Avoid Damp – Open all cupboards and drawers, place either a few bowls of salt or moisture pods around the van to help draw moisture from the air. If upholstery and valuables are removed, consider leaving blinds / curtains open to allow sunlight into the caravan.

Gas – Disconnect the gas bottle (Consult your caravan manual for instructions).

The Electricals – Turn off all switches, including the ‘master’  Turn off the power supply to the EHU, disconnect the electrical hook up and leisure battery (follow your caravans instructions for disconnection and care of the battery).

And Finally – Ensure the caravan, including the lockers, skylights and windows are safely secured. Wipe the tear from your cheek,  jump in your car and drive away, do not under any circumstances look back!  Log onto the BSC community facebook page and start counting down to the next season!  See you soon!