How it works

BSC issues a secure Photo ID member card to it’s members, businesses partnering the scheme are  promoted via our facebook group and our website. The card is presented at the point of sale in order to claim the discount.


Is the scheme suitable for my Business?  Yes! BSC’s card scheme is designed to work with every type of business that has a relevance to caravan owners.

What does it cost?  Absolutely nothing! Other than the discount you choose to offer!

Is there a  minimum discount?  Not at all! We recognise that  every business works to a different  profit margin, the scheme is flexible and the discount level is your decision to make.

About the Scheme

Unlike conventional tourism, seasonal pitch holders return, week after week, season after season.  With our ethos being focused on inclusion for all, the scheme aims to support members in securing value for money, whilst promoting      businesses that partner the scheme.  As an established business, we’re certain the question in your mind will be ‘what will I gain, when visitors already know we exist?’  Here’s a couple of   interesting statistics that might surprise you!

Is there a minimum time period?  No! If you find the scheme isn’t for you, you are free to withdraw at any time.

How easy is it to verify cardholders?  Very easy! A quick glance at the photo ID card will give you all the information you need.

We’re proud to be partnering all these BUSINESSES & MANY more!

82% of our members and regular visitors said they had found or used a business because of BSC.

99% of our members said they placed a higher value on saving money over business location.

Sharon Freeman, enjoying  free annual Grand Pier membership … A benefit for all BSC Cardholders

Business Benefits

Increased Footfall 99% of our members say, saving money rates highest in their priorities, members are logically inclined to use businesses that offer a discount to cardholders over those who don’t.

Repeat Business Unlike general tourism, our  members return week after week, season after season, using businesses like yours from January to November!

Business Promotion Partnering the scheme brings unique advertising to a targeted audience, put simply, our members need the service you  provide. In addition to promotion through the scheme, businesses offering places to eat, stay or visit will be offered feature advertising free of charge at BSCBREAN.CO.UK

Channeled Custom We are frequently asked by our members for recommendations, our priority will be to direct them to          businesses partnering the scheme, thus maximising their savings and your footfall.

Would you like to discuss the scheme further? please contact us.