Brean Seasonal Caravaners

Hello! We hope because you have found your way here, that you and your business have decided to continue partnering BSC’s Member Card Scheme. Fantastic news, we can’t wait to work with you again in the season ahead!


The rapid growth of BSC’s card scheme over the last four years, both in terms of partnering businesses and members, required us to revise and streamline the processes we use. One area we have revised, is the review of partnering businesses on an annual basis. With some experience to look back on now, we realise that the majority of our partnering businesses have remained with us year after year (thank you!), the scheme also allows you to withdraw your offer at any point, without notice. As such, contacting you every twelve months isn’t very beneficial.

What we would like to do, is ask you to complete the renewal form opposite, we’re encouraging where possible, that you select a ‘continuous’ duration for your offer, meaning that you won’t need to complete the form each season, and we won’t need to take up your time getting in touch. Remember, opting for continuous doesn’t mean that you are tied in, you can withdraw or change your offer at any time, simply by getting in touch. You can of course, still choose to run your offer a season at a time if you feel the need, and we will get in touch with you at that point to discuss what you would like to do in the future.


BSC is the largest online resource serving seasonal caravan owners located in Brean, Berrow and Burnham on Sea. Encapsulating in excess of 7000 members, BSC’s busy online platforms offer a unique opportunity to deliver your message direct to your potential customer.

  • No Outlay – The only cost incurred by your business is the discount you decide to offer, deducting this at the point of sale means that you never pay for advertising that doesnt provide a sales conversion.
  • Increased Footfall – Members are logically inclined to spend where they save!
  • Uniquely Yours – Our members are Caravan owners located within Brean Sands and surrounds. If your business provides a product or service related to the local tourism industry, then it’s safe to assume BSC offers the right advertising opportunities for you!
  • Flexibility – No contract! No minimum discount level! You are free to leave at any time, with zero outlay and zero risk!

Our fast moving facebook group is a centre of activity from early morning until late in the evening, day after day, week after week, year after year. If BSC members are with us, they are also with you …

Ready to renew your offer? Simply complete the form below and leave the rest to us!

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    By placing a tick in the box and clicking 'partner the scheme' you confirm that you have authority on behalf of the business to make the above offer. You further confirm that you provide authority for BSC to promote the offer on your behalf for the duration specified by you, or until such time as, either you alter or withdraw your offer from the scheme. You can withdraw or edit your offer at any time, BSC may end this agreement at any time. You agree to honour the terms of the offer whilst it remains valid.

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