Brean Seasonal Caravaners

Facebook Group Terms of Use

Our facebook group is the hub of our community, it is important that this remains a friendly, positive, informative and welcoming environment. To encourage this, all members are asked to agree the following rules before joining the group.

Trade Advertising

We are unable to accept any form of trade advertising to this group, except from businesses who partner the BSC membercard discount scheme. More information for businesses wishing to partner the scheme can be found here

Private Advertising

We are unable to accept any form of private advertising to our main group whatsoever. Private advertisers can however use our sister groups:

For Caravan and Accessory sales: BSC Brean Sales of Caravans & accessories

For related businesses: BSC Brean Services Collective

For general sales: BSC General Sales

For Static Caravan Sales, Swaps or Hire: BSC Brean Static Caravans

Post Content

Posts must remain friendly & polite at all times, they must not contain profanity, pornography, unreferenced copyright protected material or be considered harassing, derogatory, threatening, abusive or in anyway harmful to BSC and it’s members.

Harmful to Local Business

Post must not contain anything that could be considered damaging to the reputation of local businesses. Where there is a dispute or grievance between member and supplier, we always recommend that you contact the business directly together with the use of Trip Advisor where appropriate.

Theft, Loss or Crime

We will accept reports of this nature only when accompanied by a valid Crime Reference Number. Where the incident takes place on private land, we assume you have sought the land owners agreement to post.

Post, Comment or Member Removal

The admin team reserve the right to remove any post or comment, and under exceptional circumstance prevent any member from accessing the group where it is considered necessary in order to protect the group and it’s enjoyment by other members.


BSC will not permit bullying or intimidation of any description, this includes, but is not limited to, degrading comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity.

Admin Decisions

Admin decisions are made for the protection of the group overall, these decisions are final and discussion will not be entered into within the group. If you feel a decision is incorrect, please follow our complaints procedure

Cardholders & Dogwatch Members

Cardholder and dogwatch members are not excluded from the group terms of use, in the event of a permanent ban as a result of your conduct, all benefits under the schemes will be withdrawn. Costs of tags / cards are non refundable.

Card Partnering Businesses

As a matter of courtesy, we ask that Businesses do not comment directly to another business users post offering their services/products as an alternative. Please use a fresh post.