Rob Mitchell, owner of Brean Caravan Cleaning Ltd,  brings us his top tips on keeping your caravan sparkling throughout the season. Rob’s company is predominantly the preferred provider of caravan cleaning within Brean Sands, here he shares with us a wealth of knowledge, gained from many years experience within the industry.

ROBS TOP caravan cleaning TIPS

DONT USE PRESSURE WASHERS: We can’t stress just how important this is, whilst we’re out on site, we see many vans being cleaned using this type of equipment. Water delivered at such a high pressure, can damage already weak seals  causing damp to occur inside your van.

DO REACH THE ROOF SAFELY: Higher areas such as the roof of the van should be reached with the use of an extending brush. Using a stepladder should always be carried out  with extreme care to avoid slips and falls, particularly where the ground and/or footwear are wet.

DO USE A BRANDED DETERGENT: Use good quality detergent to provide a good quality finish! Car shampoo will do the job well!

DO ALWAYS START FROM THE TOP:  This prevents cleaned areas becoming dirty again because of dirt run offs from higher areas.

DO TAKE CARE OF YOUR WINDOWS: Use a spray glass cleaner and paper towel for the perfect finish.

DONT USE CHEMICALS NEAR FABRICS: If you are cleaning your caravan with the awning attached, take care with chemicals and detergents. Contact can cause discolouration to your canvas awning.

DO DRY YOUR CARAVAN: For a streak free finish, always dry your caravan using either a dry towel or a chamois.


DO CONTACT US: Please do get in touch if you would prefer to let Brean Caravan Cleaning Ltd take care of your Caravan!

The information provided here is intended for guidance purposes only, it does not constitute complete advice. We always recommend that you exercise extreme care when following tips, we also recommend that you seek professional advice where necessary.