Why advertise with BSC online?

Its a good question! At the heart of BSC, is it’s Facebook group, initially aimed at the Seasonal community, the group has grown to be used by both seasonal and touring members alike. This well established group now offers a fast moving, proactive and responsive online resource to thousands of members, who log in and interact with us on a daily basis, even in winter!

BSC online, the website, is our central referral point for members seeking information, products and services. Our ‘plan a visit’ menu affords the user ability to organise an entire trip from the comfort of their arm chair! Our Local Business Directory and feature pages, mean that, in a few simple clicks, our members will always find the services they need.

The vision of BSC online is to provide a one stop, online resource for our members,  with all things Brean under one roof … We would love your business to form a part of this!

In a recent poll, 82% of our members said they had found or used a Brean based business because of BSC, that they wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of!

Put simply, our members are your customers

Can any other web based advertising offer you the same?

What makes BSC Different?

Uniquely Tailored Advertising

BSC is the largest online resource for the seasonal community of Brean, Berrow & Burnham on Sea.

BSC’s website, is the central referral point for our thousands of Facebook members, seeking the products and services you have to offer.

Your business is relevant to our members needs. 82% of our members find businesses through BSC!

Our members bring repeat business week after week, month after month, year after year.

Feature Ad’s receive a dedicated page, we won’t ask you to share a page with your competitors.


So long as your business offers a product or service that is relevant to our members needs (i.e Industry/Tourism related) and it is obtainable within Brean, Berrow, Burnham on Sea or surrounding areas, BSC welcomes the opportunity to advertise your business to our members.


This is the best bit! to advertise your business with us, we charge not a penny! All we ask is that you partner our member card scheme, an and agree to offer a discount on your products/services to our cardholder members or offer ongoing support to BSC through some other means. For more information on partnering the scheme please click here


Depending on the business type we offer advertising in different areas of the website, please get in touch for more information.

When should I place my Advertising with BSC?

All BSC advertising packages run on a 12 month cycle, offering maximum exposure all year round!

How easy is it to advertise with BSC?

If ‘really easy’ is the answer you are looking for, then BSC is the right choice for you! The entire process is completed online, we will request your images and text details by email. We do everything possible to ensure your new advertisement is up and running promptly and your subsequent renewals are carried out with ease!


For more information or to book your advertising please drop us a line using our Contact Us page. Further details of our Terms & Conditions for acceptance of Business advertising can be found here