BSC has grown to be many things, at the heart of it, we are still very much about inclusion for all, bringing the Brean Seasonal Community to a central place, creating friendships, support for each other, and pulling together when it’s needed.
We’re proud to say that on the whole, As a group, we achieve this, seasonal’s that were once isolated now socialise with each other, we have somewhere we can call on for help, and we all know each other by name, nonetheless, as with all social media, there is the potential for online bullying, and for this reason, we have a number of steps in place to deal with such experiences.
Inclusion is the core value of BSC and not one we will ever move from. BSC is committed to every members comfortable use of the groups & Website within a caring, responsive, and safe environment that is free of discrimination, violence, intimidation and bullying.
BSC is constantly monitored by an active and experienced admin team, Online bullying of any type, however it manifests has no place within our groups or on our website and will be dealt with robustly without exception.
In all cases, we will:
  1. Without consultation or warning, take immediate steps to prevent access to our services for any member or user deemed to be responsible for the deliberate intimidation of another member/user.
  2. Where required by law, or where we consider it appropriate, assist the Police and any other relevant authority in their investigation which may result in criminal proceedings.