Seasonal Caravan owners rely heavily on the use of their awning, and for most, these are left up for the duration of the season, even when owners are at home.  BSC offers a free service to all members,  alerting you at the earliest possible time to damage to your awning caused by storms.

How does it work?

The scheme relies heavily on the goodwill of the Brean seasonal community reporting back to BSC the location of damaged awnings either via our online reporting form or our facebook group.

Once a report is received, we check the location against our database to confirm the owners registration to Awning Watch. If we find a match, BSC sends an SMS text message to the member to advise that their awning requires attention.

Sometimes we find that the owner lives a good distance away, and is unable to travel the same day, often in those cases we can find a member willing to volunteer their help in securing the awning and minimising further damage to the Caravan or Awning. We also use members details to contact them following reports of Skylights being left open etc.

How Do I register for the scheme?

Registration for Awning watch is completed as part of your BSC Member Card application. See here for more info on our Member Card Scheme

Please read our privacy policy for more information on how we handle your information.

How do I report awning damage?

Awning damage can be reported using one of two methods

Online Report
Via our Facebook Group

Using either method please supply us with as much information as possible, such as site name, pitch number, details of the damage etc

Please note Awning Watch is only available to Cardholder Members. For more information on our free Awning Watch scheme please contact us