Brean Seasonal Caravaners

About Awning Watch

Do you worry about storms damaging your awning?
Often find yourself sat at home wondering if it's still standing?

Breans Seasonal Caravaner’s awning watch is offered to all member card holders, providing you with text alerts if your awning should become damaged during storms or high winds.

The scheme relies on the goodwill of members reporting storm damage to us, and in turn BSC sends the information via SMS to registered members.

Because we’re dependent on notifications from members we cannot guarantee the service, however,  we often find that we are able to let owners know sooner than the caravan parks because of our large network of members keeping us updated via our facebook group.

This service is provided only as a benefit of card membership, you can find more information about the scheme here

The scheme requires that a sticker is displayed in the caravan window, these are provided with your membercard pack, however if you have lost or need to replace your sticker, you can order replacements here